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Daisy Duck has the sassy, yet sophisticated qualities of a modern woman with worldly interests. Her formidable will and powerful personality are those of a self-assured, independent gal. A woman of refined upbringing, Daisy has impeccable manners and a passion for the finer things in life. Groomed and perfumed, she knows she is pretty and loves to be surrounded by pretty things. Daisy is like a strong-willed southern belle, knowing what she wants and exactly how to get it.

Debut: 1937
Past Roles: Dancer, sweetheart, crooner, senorita, and more
Hobbies: Having fun, shopping, sharing secrets with Minnie, spending time with Donald and his nephews
Featured Publications: Comic book series: Daisy Duck's Diary (1954 to 1962)
Family: Huey, Dewey, Louie (Donald's nephews)
Height: 4 heads tall
Favorite Phrases: "Hi, there!", "Well, I never!", "I simply love to shop!", "How do I look?"
Note of Interest: Daisy's closest girlfriend is Minnie Mouse. Together, the girls look forward to shopping excursions and makeovers, and, with Daisy in the lead, catching up on the latest trends.

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